Meeting every
4th Monday at 6 PM
The Music Room at Belle Meade United Methodist  
Church 121 Davidson Road Nashville, TN 37205
The Nashville Dulcimer Ensemble
Georgia Hobb

About a dozen years ago, David Schnaufer proposed a second monthly meeting of the Grand Old
Dulcimer Club. As opposed to another jamming session, the first tune he introduced was Spanish Hymn,
with four parts as arranged by Tull Glazener. This group is the continuation of what David started, with
emphasis on ensemble playing and multiple parts played by each dulcimer. It’s a challenge to play one’s
part while neighbors are playing something different, but the music produced is worth the effort.
Currently, we are working on Brahm’s Lullaby (a duet), Dulcimer Diddy (nine parts), and Wayfaring
Stranger (a duet), all as arranged by Larry and Elaine Conger.

If ensemble playing is appealing to you, contact Georgia Hobb