Twangtown Dulcimer Club
Neda Lewis
At our Feb.meeting Bing Futch from Orlando, Fl popped in for a visit.
What a treat . . . .
"The Twangtown Dulcimer Club played for
the Coasters' March11 at the Hillcrest
United Methodist Church.  The Coaster's
are a senior group of Church members
who meet weekly for fun and fellowship.  
The Twangs played and sang for
approximately 1 hour.  The Coaster's
enjoyed singing along with many of the
songs they knew.  We were received very
well and rewarded with a great lunch.  
Robert Brown's wife attended and really
appreciated our club continuing Robert's
tradition of ending every jam with Will the
Circle Be Unbroken/Amazing Grace. As
you can see from the picture, we had a
great Club turnout and Darlene Carr
joined us and played her psaltery.

Wednesday, March18th we had our
regular club jam.  We had 15 in
attendance and had a general jam
session.  We also are working on a couple
of new non traditional songs-Beautiful
Dreamer and Blue Eyes Crying in the
Rain. If you happen to be in our
neighborhood on a Wednesday, please
join us for a great Jam!"
Twangtown Dulcimer Club
Grand Old Dulcimer Member
Darlene Carr
Practice with the Twangtowners . . . .